Jed Alpert to Speak at the Mobile Insider Summit


This Wednesday, at the MediaPost Mobile Insider Summit, our CEO Jed Alpert will be discussing how mobile can help your organization connect with your target consumers.

Jed’s speaking on the Authors Roundtable. He and three other recent authors will be sharing their thoughts about which brands have developed successful mobile strategies, and what a world of mobile-centric marketing will look like. Jed’s talk will be focused around his recent book The Mobile Marketing Revolution: How Your Brand Can Have a One-to-One Conversation with Everyone. In the book, Jed lays out the best practices for mobile engagement that he’s learned from working with thousands of companies, non-profits, government agencies, political groups, healthcare companies, and basically every other type of organization.

The panel also includes:

  • Jeff Hasen, CMO of HipCricket.
  • Chuck Martin, the author of The Third Screen
  • Mike Proulx, Senior VP of Digital Strategy for Hill Holiday
  • Moderated by Richard Krueger, Senior Director of Marketing at Microstrategy

The discussion should be interesting – all the panelists are experts in the burgeoning field of mobile engagement.

The panel is on Wednesday at 10:15 AM in Lake Tahoe, Nevada. If you’re in the area, come say hello!

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