How A Mobile Campaign Can Improve on Direct Mail


Our CEO, Jed Alpert, spoke to American Express OpenForum about how a mobile campaign can improve your direct mail outreach.

Direct mail marketing has been a staple tool for small businesses for decades. But a mobile campaign can achieve many of the same results as Direct Mail – for less money and with more measurable results. You also can personalize your mobile communications to create a meaningful two-way conversation.

OpenForum cites a few innovative examples of how companies are using mobile to “increase their brand recognition and connect with customers””

Businesses now give customers mobile coupons for their products, restaurants text specials to people nearby. Realtors ask people to text a code to connect with buyers interested in more information on a house. And healthcare companies even provide text reminders to patients to take their medicine and refill prescriptions.

While a mobile campaign can serve many of the functions of direct mail, we don’t actually recommend that you replace your outreach. Mobile is an additive medium. Existing communications, like mailers, are a great way for you to promote your mobile number to begin the two-way conversation. You can inspire people to join your mobile campaign if your direct mail includes a mobile call to action that that offers the customer real value.

As Jed elaborates to OpenForum, “That value can be useful information or an offer. The exchange of value for engagement leads the most useful conversation between the brand and an individual.”

Ultimately, the goal is to offer value to the customer in a way that’s convenient to them.

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