Integrates Text Messaging Throughout Its Annual Awards


Last night on VH1, our client aired their annual awards ceremony – honoring not just socially responsible celebrities, but also young people who are taking action in their communities. And like just about everything DoSomething does, the Awards show had text messages integrated seamlessly throughout the event.

Teenagers were given a variety of options to text in and get involved – whether they wanted to attend the event, to find out more from the celebrities attending, or to get involved with DoSomething in their communities.  As a result, thousands of viewers engaged with DoSomething via text messaging and will receive targeted alerts about issues  and news that affect them.

Here are some of the ways that viewers could engage during the show and during the promotions leading up to the show:

  • Text BELLA to Attend the Event: In the days leading up to the show, DoSomething advertised the keyword BELLA. Teens could text in to their short code, 38383, for the chance to accompany celebrity Bella Thorne to the awards event.
  • Text BLUECARPET to Submit Questions: On the day of the show taping, DoSomething advertised the keyword BLUECARPET. Teens could send in questions they wanted asked of the celebrities walking down the ceremony’s blue carpet.
  • Text PRESHOW to to Meet Bella Thorne: On the day of the show taping, as people were being seated in the theater, DoSomething put a call to action on the event screens, asking attendees to text in to win a meet and greet with Bella Thorne immediately after the show.
  • Text CAKE to To Get Involved: DoSomething also gave people watching the show at home the chance to get involved with their organization. Throughout the show, DoSomething ran 30-second promos asking teens to text in CAKE. Those who did received more information about the organization, and how they could start to get involved. See the video below!

Then, after the event was over, DoSomething sent around a text message survey asking people what their favorite part of the awards show was. People could vote for the fashion, the celebs, or the social good. Or they could text in favorite moments of their own to be highlighted on the website.

By fully integrating text messaging into every aspect of the event – from the pre-show hype to post-show analysis – DoSomething made its awards show truly interactive, and found yet another great way to engage its audience of teenage activists.

The Wall Street Journal featured the awards in a long piece by Marshall Heyman. Heyman writes:

Exclusive would be the wrong word to describe Sunday’s Do Something Awards, which will be broadcast on Tuesday on VH1. These awards—in the shape of a silver Pegasus shoe—honor both celebrities and “young world-changers, 25 and under” who are “pivotal ‘doers’ in their field, cause or issue.” This particular award ceremony was pretty well-attended. Ben Affleck, Bryan Cranston (of “Breaking Bad”), Will Ferrell, Lea Michele and Joel McHale were just some of the people there to represent the importance of giving back, and the importance of underlining that message to kids and teenagers.

Check out the Awards home page to learn more

Check out a list of the finalists here – including a refugee of the Sudanese civil war who is working to help others like him; a young actor raising awareness about the global water crisis; and a woman promoting creative healing through art.

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