AARP Kicks off National Tour with Text Message Alerts


The AARP is heading out on its nationwide You’ve Earned a Say bus tour to give seniors a voice in the upcoming election. And they’re using text to spread the word.

Focusing on Social Security and Medicare, the bus tour will ask seniors from both parties to urge their candidates to make these issues a priority. With 21 stops scheduled over more than a month, it’s a challenge to make sure that the right information reaches the right people at the right time.

That’s why the AARP is using targeted text messaging to connect with local members. As the bus moves across the country, so do the text messages – sending timely reminders personalized to individual zip codes. The result is more Americans engaged in the conversation about Social Security and Medicare.

As the election heats up this year, we’ll expect to see lots more politically motivated mobile campaigns – like get-out-the-vote efforts and even mobile campaign donations.

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