University of Maryland Helps Food Stamp Participants Make Healthy Choices


For those reliant on food stamps, healthy eating decisions are often sacrificed in favor of cost cutting. When getting enough food on your table is a daily challenge, quantity can trump quality.

That’s why the University of Maryland launched its Food Supplement Nutrition Education program – or FSNE. The program helps low income families and food stamp participants “make healthier food choices, develop skills in food preparation, handle food safely, maximize their use of food resources, and increase their physical activity.”

Healthy eating tips alternate with farmers market reminders and local deals on food. One example text alerted participants that, “The local Food Lion has broccoli crowns on sale this week $1.69 per pound. You can serve them many ways – steamed, raw with low-fat dressing, or on a salad.” Another text reminded them, “Have you visited Waverly Farmers’ Market on East 32nd street? It’s open year round & accepts vouchers & EBT cards. Greens are a hot item & are at a good price.”

By providing healthy eating tips targeted to lower-income individuals, the University of Maryland is ensuring that anybody can live a healthy lifestyle, no matter their means.

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