TxTina Lets Teens use SMS to get Advice about Sexual Health


Teens seeking the scientific facts behind difficult sexual health issues can get direct, personal responses through the channel most comfortable for them – SMS.

The Iowa Department of Human Services’ TxT (Talking Sex Together) program is dedicated to providing teens the straight facts about their sexual health, and helping them make smarter choices about safe sex and abstinence.

As part of their program, for two hours on every other Friday afternoon, they open a text hotline for sexual health questions. Teens are invited to ask “TxTina” any of their most sensitive issues. They receive a personal, instant, and anonymous answer from a health educator – written in a way that relates to them.

The TxTina program also sends out sexual health quizzes and questionnaires to the teens on their mobile list. Young people are asked anything from survey-style questions (“what percentage of teens do you think have been pressured into having sex?”) to more open-ended questions (“How do you talk to your partner about your sexual decisions?”)

If you or a loved one is interested in joining the TxTina program, text “TINA” to 877877 or sign up directly from the TxT website. You’ll be entered to win weekly cash prizes, as well as receiving the greater benefits of confidential knowledge from a reliable source.

TxTina is one of many mobile health programs throughout the country catering specifically to teens. To learn more about effective mobile health campaigns, click here.

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