Mobile Commons at the Stanford Mobile Health 2012 Conference


The Mobile Health 2012 conference at Stanford recently wrapped up two days of great conversation about the way mobile technology is changing the face of healthcare.

As a conference sponsor, we were especially proud to sponsor the keynote given by Weight Watchers CEO David Kirchhoff. Businessman, innovator, and author of a recent book on weight loss, Kirchoff spoke to an audience of health and technology experts on how we can all take baby steps toward a healthier future.

And, throughout the conference, we had a chance to put our technology into action with a fun health perk for attendees. To create the perk, we worked with grad student Neema Moraveji, the director of the Stanford Calming Technology Lab, which studies “how interactive products can mitigate the effects stress has on our physical and mental health, cognition, attention, relationships, productivity, and life purpose.” In short – how new tech can help us relax and focus better.

Moraveji asked people at the conference to text CALM to 877877. People who signed up would receive messages throughout the conference with calming messages – reminding them to take deep breaths and express gratitude to those around them. 96% of the crowd texted in to join – and the atmosphere for the rest of the conference felt pretty peaceful!

Moraveji asks the crowd to text in at Stanford’s Mobile Health Conference

Sponsoring the Mobile Health conference was a part of the way we’re expanding our health care focus in the wake of launching our new health edition, Mobile Commons for Health. From calming down conference attendees to helping people find life-saving vaccines, we’ve seen great things happen when health organizations use mobile to reach out – and conferences like this one mean there will be lots more to come.

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