Start Smart for Your Baby Delivers Health Information to New Moms via Text


Expectant and new mothers can now receive health information on their mobile phones.  That’s because Centene Corporation, a managed care provider, has launched their new Start Smart for Your Baby texting program.

Start Smart for Your Baby is an easy and instant way for health care providers to send helpful pregnancy advice to women on the device they use most. And it’s yet another way in which mobile communications is changing the landscape of medicine. From vaccine reminders to quitting smoking, more and more people are using mobile to share information, and to help people make real changes in their behavior.

Health Information – Over SMS

One of the great advantages of a mobile campaign is its flexibility. The Start Smart for Your Baby campaign recognizes that life changes fast when you’re expecting – so it tailors its updates according to the individual. The system asks expectant mothers for their due date when they first sign up, and then creates a custom message schedule just for them.

There are three phases to the campaign. The Prenatal Phase provides pregnant women health information from their 28week of pregnancy up through the baby’s birth. The Postnatal Phase provides medical reminders and infant health information for the 6 months after birth. There’s also an optional Survey Phase, which prompts mothers every two weeks to text in information about their weight and breastfeeding.

Start Smart for Your Baby is available in both English and Spanish-language options, so that mothers can receive this vital information in a way that’s most helpful to them.

A Revolution in Healthcare

By combining this kind of crowdsourced research with the distribution of information, Start Smart for Your Baby is on the cutting edge of mobile information-sharing. Centene Corporation has created a two-way flow of health information that empowers even the busiest mother.

That’s especially relevant to new moms who don’t often have two hands free – since you only need one hand to text!

Click here to download the Centene case study.

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