National Alliance for Hispanic Health Uses Health Screenings For List Building


At free health screenings provided by the National Alliance for Hispanic Health, community members receive screening tests and information about diseases and health risks. Recently, the NAHH decided to take their screenings one step further – and use them to enroll people in their Buena Salud club, an outreach platform that provides health information via text, calls, emails, and mail. The NAHH has thereby turned their free screening events into supercharged list-building opportunities.

People can sign up for the Buena Salud Club instantly on iPads using a Mobile Commons webform. The platform not only collects detailed information from the new members, it also provides confirmation on the spot. New signups will receive a text message immediately – while they’re still at the event – saying, “Thank you for joining and enjoy the event.”

The iPad form is a great way to make signing up simple – so easy that just one recent event resulted in hundreds of new members. And with the data they’ve collected, the NAHH can build ongoing relationships with people who are interested in learning more about healthy living.

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