MediaPost Features Mobile Commons on how Brands Can Offer Value


Here’s a terrific article from MediaPost about how brands can truly “offer value” to their most loyal customers. By focusing on actual engagement instead of gimmicks, an organization can develop long-term relationships with their users that extend far beyond a one-off interaction. The article highlights Mobile Commons as an exemplar of that strategy, and is centered around an interview with our CEO, Jed Alpert.

The article asks,

What if brands stand back from the discounts, the promotions, and the free content and instead wonder what they might do with their loyal customer? That is one of the interesting insights that comes out of the work Mobile Commons does with political and social causes (Obama 2012, Center for rights) as well as with major Web publishers (Tumblr, Reddit) and even healthcare brands… Using its own mConnect tool that can make a highly targeted and localized call when someone responds to a text message, Mobile Commons helped generate over 200,000 calls to users’ own Congressional Representatives on January 18th to oppose the pending SOPA and PIPA piracy legislation. Over a month’s time, 500,000 calls went through the system.

The SOPA campaign is just one of the clients mentioned here, along with Obama 2012, Planned Parenthood, the New York City MTA, and more. The key element in all of these interactions is collaboration – both between Mobile Commons and our clients, and between our clients and their audiences.  As Jed says in the article, “Think about what the relationship is that brand has with the customer anyway. What do they like about you and how can you participate in something together?”

The article essentially outlines all of the best practices of a successful mobile campaign – from how mobile can integrate with your existing media outreach to how often you should send out messages.

Check out the full article for a great overview of what we do.

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