Teens Have Sent Over A Million Texts to DoSomething.org


As America’s largest national database of youth volunteer opportunities, DoSomething.org is constantly looking for new ways to bring dozens of causes to millions of volunteers.  And they find them! Their innovative outreach runs the gamut from a mobile scavenger hunt for social change, to an interactive map thanking emergency service workers for all that they do, to a contest supporting arts education where teens could send in their entries via MMS.

DoSomething’s up-to-date campaigning has turned the head of the New York Times, who ran a feature article about their mobile strategy.  But it’s the attention of the teens that matter most – and they’re getting it by engaging teens in their own language, via text.

So let’s take a moment to congratulate them on a milestone: they just received their one millionth text from a teen!

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