Non-profits: Get Major Discounts on a Dedicated Short Code – Right Now!


It just got a lot less expensive for non-profits to get their own dedicated short codes – the 5 or 6 digit phone numbers that are the hub of your mobile campaign. The CTIA – the wireless group that oversees carrier policies – has just announced that they’re cutting their rates to $200 a month for a non-profit looking to lease a dedicated short code, and $400/month for a “vanity” short code (where you get to choose the numbers you want). Existing Mobile Commons customers get that savings passed on to them at their next renewal! (For most short codes, that’s every 3 months).

Mobile Commons has long advocated for non-profits to get price breaks on their short codes. The monthly fees that the CTIA used to charge were prohibitive for many cost-conscious organizations.

To celebrate the news, we’re offering a special discount to all non-profits who want to move on to a dedicated short code – whether they’ve worked with us in the past or not. Sign up for a Mobile Commons short code before January 31, 2012, and we’ll waive the $1,000 setup fee, as well. Please note that hosting and third party fees still apply.

Why It’s So Great To Have Your Own Short Code

Having your own dedicated short code is a great way to stake your claim in the expanding mobile universe. It comes with a number of benefits:

  • You don’t have to compete over keywords. Only one group at a time can use a keyword on a given short code. So if you’re a company that sells pet supplies, and you want the keyword DOGS – well, you may be out of luck if you’re on a shared short code with the pop group the Baha Men, who are promoting their hit single, “Who Let the Dogs Out.”
  • Establish your brand identity. As text messaging becomes the default way in which people communicate, having your own short code gives you a permanent home where your constituents can engage with you.
  • Create a user-friendly campaign that doesn’t need keywords at all. On a shared short code, every text you receive needs to have a keyword in it. That’s the only way the system can know it’s “yours.” However, that’s not the case with a dedicated short code. Anything your constituents text to you will get an on-message response from your organization. That’s particularly helpful if you’re receiving MMS (picture or video) messages. If someone texts in a picture, they often won’t think to send in a keyword or text component to the message.
  • Vanity. You can actually choose the digits of your short code. The Obama campaign, for example, picked 62262 – which spells O-B-A-M-A.

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