Text IRENE to 877877 to report hurricane damages


While preparing our own homes for hurricane Irene, Mobile Commons is also working to keep other New Yorkers safe.

On Friday, we developed a mobile database to help residents find out if they were in a flood zone or not. By texting ZONE to 30644, residents could learn if they were  in a flood zone to see if needed to be evacuated.

On Saturday, we partnered with The New York Times and WNYC Radio on a crowdsourced map where New Yorkers texted in signs of the city being prepared or unprepared. People could text PREPARE to 30644 to submit their sign and leave a voice message. All the submissions were plotted on a map for anyone to hear or read.

And on Sunday, we partnered with the New York Office of Emergency Management, on an Ushahidi-powered Crowdmap for people to report storm damage. By texting IRENE to 877877, anyone can submit reports of things like power outages, downed trees or flooding.

Please stay safe and help others do the same as we recover from Irene.

Irene Storm Damage Crowdmap:



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