How intense was the quake in your area? Find out!


On Tuesday things got a little shaky at the Mobile Commons office. This week’s earthquake was felt along much of the East Coast and caused mild alarm in areas not used to seismic shifts. Our building was equally as guilty of forcing everyone to evacuate onto the streets of Brooklyn – a move that flies in the face of basic earthquake protocol.

Soon after the earthquake, PBS created an easy way for East Coasters to discover how strong the quake was in their area based on data from the U.S. Geological Survey. Then our clients at the Takeaway decided to go mobile and ask their listeners to join in the conversation:

What did it do in your neighborhood? All day on our show, we heard responses from listeners giving us their own earthquake story. But now with the help of our friends at Mobile Commons, you can also tell the level of severity of the quake in your zip code. (via the Takeaway)

Text QUAKE and your zip code to 69866 to get the seismic reading from your area on Tuesday. I texted in to find out that the intensity was 4.1 at our Brooklyn office.

What about you?

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