Cuts to Social Security? AARP weighs in


Late Wednesday, the Washington Post broke the news that President Obama was willing to offer up cuts to Social Security as part of the negotiations around reducing the country’s debt. This stance marks a big shift from the President’s earlier stance on the program and, to put it lightly, did not go over well with much of his base – especially those who would be the most directly affected by the cuts.

Enter AARP. With an already powerful mobile list (yes, people over 50 do text!), the organization was poised to make a clear statement on this new development. They responded almost immediately by blasting out a message to their full list that read:

AARP: White House considering cuts to Social Security?! Call 1-877-267-5060 and urge Pres. Obama to protect SS & Medicare from harmful cuts.

The response has been overwhelming. In the 24 hours since the message went out nearly 11,000 phone calls have been made to tell the White House NO on these proposals. And the calls continue to roll in.

The ability to do effective and substantive rapid response is one of the (many) reasons mobile can be such a key tool for advocacy groups. It’s moments like this that should encourage you to start building your list now so that when news hits, you’re ready to swing into action.

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