Using SMS to gauge gas prices


The Takeaway and Transportation Nation have teamed up to find out how record gas prices are affecting drivers. Using the Mobile Comons platform and Google Maps, the team has created a map that plots both gas prices and how people are changing their behaviors to cope with pain at the pump.

Gas prices are at record highs. And we want to know if it’s changing what you do. Are you ditching the car? Changing your summer vacation plans? Help us gauge the nation on gas prices. Send your submission below or just text GAS to 69866.

(via The Takeaway)

Getting involved is easy: Text GAS to 69866 to submit your local prices and how you’re being affected. The map already shows some telling testimonials.


Mariana in Edina, MN says that gas is currently $3.99 and she’s started taking the city bus instead of driving. In Tacoma, WA Robert says he is planning trips for maximum efficiency and minimum miles thanks to the $4.02 per gallon he’s now doling out when he fills up. And in Augusta, GA one participant shares:

“I’m driving as little as possible. Walking when I can. I even cut my car off when I’m idle sitting in my car and I know I’m not going to move for a few min.”

How have gas prices affected your normal routine? Text GAS to 69866 to share your story.

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