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The social media blog yesterday featured a post by Holly Ross, executive director of NTEN, discussing the way that nonprofits are innovating with mobile. Holly writes:

Even before that first cup of coffee, an increasing number of us are reaching for our mobile phones in the morning. That makes mobile the perfect fit for non-profits that want to capitalize on every and any moment an individual is inspired to act on behalf of a cause.

We were excited to see that four of the five organizations featured use the Mobile Commons platform to create those campaigns. They included:

  • WNYC and New York Times map of New York’s best birding spots.
  • The California Teacher’s Association’s fight for education funding, which uses our mConnect voice application to connect CTA supporters with their local representatives.
  • The Alliance for Climate Education’s text-to-pledge initiative, which has involved over 90,000 students in the campaign.
  • Planned Parenthood’s text-to-chat feature, which lets teens text questions to sexual health experts, who respond in real time with answers and directions to local facilities.

In addition to highlighting these great campaigns, the post also quotes our own Michael Sabat about the way mobile allows you to segment and target your users:

If the supporter uses the mobile web, they will be texted a link to donate. If the supporter doesn’t use the mobile web, they receive a phone number in their text. We’ve come a long way to know who the supporters are, so we are not just blindly sending everyone the same message.

Read the full post to learn more about each of these initiatives. And if you’re a nonprofit looking to take advantage of all the opportunities for community-building and fundraising that mobile can provide, contact us now!

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