Talent Takes the F Train


Come visit us at our new offices!

This week’s AdWeek has an article that documents the rise of creative digital agencies in Brooklyn, specifically in the DUMBO and Williamsburg neighborhoods.

The article, entitled Talent Takes the F Train, contains what AdWeek calls a map of the “unfolding creative revolution.” Apparently, there is

“a reconfiguration of geography and function, in which creativity gravitates to new talent, a different vision, better tools (and those who can use them), and cheaper real estate.”

Put more simply, a lot of exciting new agencies are leaving Manhattan to get a better price-per-square-foot in Brooklyn. In our building at 55 Washington Street alone, the article lists us and a half-dozen other digital agencies – and that doesn’t even include Etsy, the e-commerce site dedicated to hand-crafted items, which is right upstairs.

While it’s not like we’re all hanging out in the hallways for rap sessions on the new economy, it’s always invigorating to be surrounded by creative people, doing what they can to reimagine what the future can be.

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