Get To Know Your Users Better with Mobile Commons Data Fields


Most mobile marketers are on a first-name basis with their subscribers – but that’s it. They ask their members for their name, their email, and their address. Then they call it a day.

But as with any good conversation, you should listen as much as you talk. The more you know about your subscribers, the better you can target them in your outreach.

Mobile Commons’ custom data fields let you take the conversation beyond the bare essentials. Ask your users for dates, numbers, the answer to a yes-or-no question, or anything else. You can then sort and track your users based on their responses to those questions.

For example, Kevin Smith’s movie “Red State” asks users to text to confirm they’ll attend his movie screenings. Because we value the art of the conversation, we can accept synonyms in the replies – yeah, yes, y, yup, heck yeah! and much more all count as an acceptance.

Or when Planned Parenthood’s health hotline wanted to better rout their users, they asked them how they were feeling.  Recipients texted 1 for “very worried,” 2 for “somewhat worried” and 3 for “Not at all worried.”

That kind of mobile engagement takes the conversation well past the superficial and into the personal. You build stronger relationships with your users and can even increase your bottom line.

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