Most Successful Nonprofit Mobile Marketing Campaign Ever Reveals its Secrets


Last Friday, our partner Reform Immigration FOR America (RI4A) released what may be the most comprehensive analysis ever of the pitfalls and opportunities of mobile marketing. RI4A has compiled a mobile list of over 150,000 members, which the New York Times recently described as “the envy of non-profits.”

The report details how RI4A compiled that list, and how they mobilize their members to action: so far, the campaign has generated around half a million advocacy calls. In fact, last week, 77,000 people called in under 24 hours to support Congressional passage of the DREAM Act, and tens of thousands of people continued to call throughout the week.

Just a few of the key takeaways of the report include:

  • The greatest list growth happened through live events, call-in campaigns, and earned media. Traditional media like billboards and advertisements were relatively ineffective in growing the list.
  • Digital advertising leads to measurable, quantifiable list growth – most of which comes from the “long tail” of keywords.
  • Constituents mobilize in greater numbers to call high-value targets.
  • Asking people to text in their zip code to initiate a call, instead of dialing a number, can lead to a much higher conversion.
  • Organizations should send fewer messages in advance of big events, to create the greatest possible impact during the event.

The real value of the report lies in how deeply it dials down into fundamentals. RI4A determined the key parts of any text, the best way to structure a message, and which formulations work better for English speakers as opposed to Spanish speakers. They even have great advice on how to make sure your calls don’t clog the Capital switchboard.

To get the full report, click here.

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