2010 Knight-Batten Award Winner: Sourcing Through Texting


Congratulations to The Takeaway, WNYC, Public Radio International, Public Insight Journalism and WDET Detroit on their 2010 Knight-Batten Award for the Sourcing through Texting project.

From the official site:

A team from The Takeaway radio show joined journalists from WDET Detroit in a successful experiment that prompted residents to text tips about particular stories from Mexicantown in Southwest Detroit. Residents texted information about trucks illegally barreling down their side streets, and in another experiment, they sent keywords describing their neighborhoods. The result: non-listeners became engaged and more informed. The experiment has continued in Miami’s Little Haiti.

Alisa Miller, the CEO of Public Radio International, has a very nice insider view of the Sourcing through Texting project written up on her blog.

At Mobile Commons, we continue to be impressed and humbled by all the innovative ways our customers use mobile technology to connect with people. We work hard to create simple yet powerful tools and put them in the hands of smart, creative people; it’s amazing to see what they come up with! Great work to everyone at The Takeaway, WNYC, WDET and all the organizations who participated in this project.

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