Using Mobile Technology to Influence Health Care Reform


Mobile Marketer published an article this morning in which many mobile industry experts shared their opinions on ways the government could use mobile technology to help pass health care reform legislation. This seems like the perfect opportunity to share some of the exciting ways our customers have been using mobile to influence health care legislation over the past few months.

In the past 6 weeks, we’ve seen labor unions, large national advocacy groups, small local non-profits, and faith-based community organizations all effectively use mobile to reach out to their supporters around the issue of health care reform. They’ve used SMS to organize groups of people on the ground, getting their supporters to attend meetings, press conferences, and rallies. They’ve combined text messaging and automatic call routing to generate 100,000s of phone calls to the White House, to the House and and the Senate. And they’ve used SMS to drive web traffic, whether it be to a site for more information, to sign a petition or to listen live to a radio show.

Here’s just a sampling of some of the amazing ways our customers have been using mobile technology around this critical issue:

* NARAL Pro Choice sent messages to thousands of people, urging them to sign an online petition to keep anti-choice extremism out of health care legislation bills
* LIUNA General President Terry O’Sullivan sent a recorded audio message to union members asking for their help passing healthcare reform Bill 3200
* True Majority sent a text message broadcast asking people to call their Senators before they went on summer recess and pass health care reform
* PACT in San Jose used SMS to organize supporters on the ground and get them to a press conference at Congresswoman Lofgren’s office
* Center for Community Change has sent hundreds of thousands of calls to the White House and Congress over immigration issues, including health care reform. They’ve also targeted Congresswoman Pelosi directly, urging her to end the 5 year ban on immigrant health care
* The League of Young Voters in Maine used SMS to organize supporters on the ground, getting people to meet at Monument Square in Portland to fight for health care reform
* PICO National Networks sent SMS invitations, both in English and in Spanish, to a web site where users could listen in on a call between President Obama and the Faith Community. Over 140,000 people joined the call

We continue to be excited at how creatively and effectively our customers use our platform to reach out and connect with their supporters, to drive traffic both online and in the real-world, to motivate people to make phone calls, and to really affect change. Every day we see our customers leverage mobile technology extremely well and find new ways take advantage of the unique benefits it provides.

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