mCommons is the core of the Mobile Commons platform. We make it easy to create a text message “conversation” with your target audience. Send organizational communications and breaking news, offer coupons, deliver urgent health information, and much, much more.


Send Messages

Mobile Commons’ powerful message targeting allows you to personalize your communications, whether you’re reaching out to a country or a classroom.

Sending a message is easy: you just type your message and select what kind of information you want to receive as a response.

You can send text messages to your entire mobile list, to select groups within your list, or to a single person. Target your outreach based on demographic data, location, past interactions, or anything else. Send a message just to people who love dogs, or only women over the age of 35 who prefer strawberry ice cream.


Text Message Inbox

Every text message that your campaign receives will show up in your Text Message Inbox. You can see how people are responding, change a campaign in real time, send new messages and automatically categorize mobile subscribers by their response(s). You can even use your inbox to send a Direct Message directly to one user.



Segment Your Users and Target Your Messages

We let you segment your users and target your messages based on any criteria – demographic data, location, historical behavior, or an infinite number of custom fields. Create a group of women over the age of 35 who love strawberry ice cream, or separate “dog lovers” from “cat lovers” like the ASPCA does for its outreach. By refining your outreach, you can create more personal relationships with your user base and more powerful calls to action.


Text to Screen 

Make your events more fun and interactive with our Text to Screen capabilities. A Mobile Commons “mCast” broadcasts incoming text messages across screens at events – or screens across the web. Turn a live event into an interactive experience.

To run a text-to-screen “mCast,” all you need is an internet connection and a screen. No special hardware or setup is required. You control what text messages are displayed on the screen from any web browser. Simple!


Create an “Information Connection” for Your Users

If you have information you want to get out to your users, we can automate the response – to get the right information to the right people at the right time.

Our “mData” tool creates an information connection.  Users text in with their search query, and mData sends back the information they need.  We can use the local power of our system to send JUST the local results that matter most.  Mobile Commons clients use mData to connect commuters with the best nearby parking lots, to find the closest flu vaccinations, or to provide up-to-date health and environmental information about different types of fish.

An mData can use zip codes or addresses to give people responses based on their geographic area. Users can find out where to vote, the closest car dealership, or a local clinic. You have information to share. mData gets it into people’s hands when they need it most.


Message Pacing & Throttled Messaging

Because of the extremely high response rates we often see with text messaging, sometimes the results are too fast. Trying to send users to a ticket office or to a retail location to redeem a coupon? You may not want 10,000 people all showing up or calling at once! Our advanced scheduling tools allow you to pace or throttle your text messaging campaign and automatically spread it out over hours, days or weeks. This tool works just like online ad servers, so you can coordinate your text messaging with your online or offline marketing schedules and increase your overall program’s effectiveness.