Run All Your Mobile Communications from One Dashboard

The challenge for mobile marketers is: how do you know what your users are doing if the data is scattered across many different places? Mobile Commons pulls all your mobile data into one place, including information from most CRMs and application platforms like Twilio. We make it simple to keep track of everything and everyone.

Track How People Join

We record exactly how your users join your campaign, so you can test what advertising works best, or run multiple campaigns targeted at different groups. (The ASPCA has a group of dog lovers who texted DOG to join, and cat lovers who texted CAT).

Learn Who Your Power Users Are

Mobile Commons tracks every text, click, or call. That way, you can learn who your most active users are, and engage them separately from more passive participants.

Segment Your Users into Groups

Our segmentation interface lets you create groups based on any criteria. Reach out to people based on where they live, what their interests are, or if they have donated in the past. Send a message to just men over 45 who love strawberry ice cream. By targeting your outreach, you can personalize your communications and drive your members to take action.

Learn More About Your Users with Custom Fields

Mobile Commons’ custom fields let you ask your constituents for any information – and then easily track the results. Beyond merely asking for name, age, or email, you can ask for dates, numbers, the answer to a yes-or-no question, or anything else. You can then sort and track your users based on the answers to those questions.