Build Mobile Web Pages that Work on Any Phone

Use Mobile Commons to build mobile web pages that work on any phone. Write your text, add in your images – and voila, you’ve created a portal to your mobile universe that works for everyone.

Smart phones like the iPhone and the Droid can view web pages better than most desktop computers can. But when you’re running a mobile campaign that reaches out to thousands of people, you can be pretty sure that some of your subscribers are carrying mobile devices straight out of the Stone Age.

We also make it easy for your super-users to go to the full version of your website. That way, they can feel good about investing in their super-phones.


Create Unique, Trackable Links

Mobile Commons provides an automatic “link shortener” so you can fit more content into 160 characters, but with a twist: we create a unique, shortened link for each phone, which enables us to determine exactly which users click your links and when. That way, you can tell not only which content is being accessed, but who is accessing it.

All that information is saved in Mobile Commons, so you can record who is clicking and how often they click, and then correlate their web surfing behavior with their messaging behavior.

Mobile Web Hosting

We don’t just create mobile web pages and disseminate that content to your subscribers. We can also host the web pages that we create. Mobile Commons is a one-stop shop for transitioning your online content onto the device that people use the most.