If you want your audience to make a call, your best bet is to dial the number for them. The mConnect text-to-call feature launches a phone call to any number you designate when users respond to your SMS message. Constituents can easily call a local politician, clients can reach an information center, and customers can get directly to the sales department.

Route Calls by Location

Nationwide text blasts can reach a lot of people, but they’re not always the best tool for reaching the right people in the right way. What if you want to direct a constituent to her district congressman, or send a consumer to the retail store right in his town?

mConnect can sort incoming calls based on location, and route them straight to the locally targeted numbers you’ve selected.

Of course, sometimes it makes sense to send everybody to a national number – whether it’s a healthcare hotline or the president’s office. mConnect can do that, too.

Play Audio Messages

While you’re making it easy for people to make a call, why not help them figure out what to say? You have the option of recording a message that will be played as the call is connecting. You can even record multiple messages, which we’ll allocate to different groups of callers.  The options are endless: remind a political caller of talking points; describe special offers; include a welcome greeting from a celebrity. And it’s easy to set up – just upload an mp3 from your computer, or call and record the message from your phone.

Track Every Call

All mConnect phone calls run through the Mobile Commons system, so they can be tracked and analyzed. You can see exactly who’s calling, when they called, and how long they stayed on the phone. You can also track where the calls are coming from: a text message broadcast, an email, your web site, or any other source. Call reports happen in real time, so you’ll know right away whether people are taking the action you want.

No Texting Necessary!

Create a call to action that’s broader than your mobile list. Run a national ad with a call-in phone number, and even those who only have landlines can call in and be routed to their nearest Senator or store.

Build Your SMS List from Callers

Our system checks to see if callers are already members of your mobile list. If they’re not, you can customize automatic follow-up messaging to bring them into the fold. Send them an SMS message, asking them to opt in for future news. Or you could ask your callers a survey question, link them to a web page, or just thank them for taking the time to make the call.

Quick and Easy Roll-Out

Because we focus on making our technology easy to use, you can launch your mConnect campaign quickly, to coordinate with any time-sensitive event or breaking news. mConnect ties in easily with your email, web, and mobile campaigns, so you can use it to make the most of your existing networks.

Try It Now

Use our demo to get connected to your Representative, right now. Click here to try the demo.

Additional Benefits

  • Support tens of thousands of simultaneous phone calls.
  •  “Throttle” your text blasts over hours or days to ensure that callers are able to speak with someone – and that they don’t get busy signals.
  • Initiate calls with text messages or from the web.
  • Send a text message as a result of a call being made.