Elections can be won or lost on voter turnout. A recent study by Princeton, the University of Michigan, and others showed that text messaging is the cheapest and most effective way to get voters to the polls.

With a Mobile Commons campaign, you can keep your constituents informed about the issues that matter. You can remind them to register to vote. Then, on the  election day, you can make sure they show up at the polls – and even tell them specifically where to go.

How our clients are driving voters to the polls

  • voto latino logo
    Voto Latino sends out reminders about registration and voting to make sure that their constituents make it to the polls on election day.

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  • league of young voters

    The League of Young Voters used the Mobile Commons’ polling place locator. Constituents texted in their zip codes to find out where to vote.

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  • human rights campaign logo

    HRC created a mobile “voter’s guide.” Constituents could text in a politician’s name to learn where he or she stood on LGBT issues.

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