Mobile Commons Advocacy enables nonprofits and corporations to run highly effective advocacy call campaigns and measure the results in real-time. Callers hear important audio talking points about the issue before being automatically connected directly to their legislator at the federal, state or local level.

How our clients use mobile to drive advocacy

  • tumblr_ls4wg1Bubo1qzasds

    500,000 people called Congress to protest the invasive SOPA anti-piracy legislation, on behalf of Tumblr and other clients.

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  • client-aarp

    The AARP mobilized 123,000 people to call Congress and the White House to protest the threat of social security cuts.


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  • nrdc logo

    The NRDC teamed up with the band Green Day to ask Americans to petition lawmakers and corporate leaders directly from their cell phones.

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  • F&ww logo

    F&WW overwhelmed the White House switchboard with thousands of calls – winning them a meeting with White House representatives.

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