99% Of Our Messages Are Read – 83% Within 15 Minutes

Email and social media can get drowned out in a sea of spam and white noise. But 99% of our messages are read – 83% of them within 15 minutes. A call to action using SMS can have a 325% higher response rate than the same call to action in email. (See our case study.) Your messages get through – and the responses are immediate.

Everyone Can Text

Text messaging is the most effective communication channel to get your message to everyone regardless of age, race, gender or economic class. Over 96% of Americans own a mobile phone; in fact, 27% of US households are mobile only.

While the iPhone and Twitter tend to dominate the media, the reality is that only a small fraction of the population actually use them. If it’s important to get your message out and really engage with your entire audience, you need to go where the people are. Don’t forget — the killer app for phone is still the phone.

Reach Under-Served Populations

30% of the US population does not have regular access to the Internet and Email. Non-English speakers, people with disabilities, and those living near the poverty line often do not have reliable web access. Conversely, it’s these very populations who often have the most need of vital public-health-related communications.

Mobile technology erases the digital divide. Text messaging is more common among underserved populations. Hispanics and African Americans, for example, both use SMS at a rate 3-5 times greater than the general population (m:metrics [2007]).

If you’re interested in learning more about using mobile technology to reach underserved populations, see Mobile Commons’ chapter, “Reach out and Text Someone” in Texting 4 Health: A Simple, Powerful Way to Change Lives, published by Stanford University Press.