Build a Mobile List

Before you can start sending text messages, you have to have some phone numbers to text. Anywhere that you would promote a website or a phone number, you can easily promote your mobile short code (the 5-6 digit number exclusively used for texting). Include it in TV ads, bus advertisements, flyers, events, your email newsletter, or anything else. A/B testing has shown that people are 4-5 times more likely to text in than take any other action. (See our case study!)

Start to Send Your Messages

Once you have your list, you can start to send your messages. Messages could be anything: they could be breaking news updates from your organization; information about a local event; or links to other media, like a website or a video. Text messaging is the best way to get information into your audience’s hands.

Mobile Commons makes it easy to send and receive messages from your audience. Our web-based inbox makes running a text message campaign as simple as answering your email.

Our Web Interface: Like Facebook – but with “Phones” Instead of “Friends”

Mobile Commons lets you run your mobile outreach from one easy web-based platform. That means there’s nothing to install: you just log in to our website to manage all your mobile communications.

One way of thinking about Mobile Commons is like Facebook – except instead of Friends, you have Phones. On Facebook, you can communicate with thousands of friends from one easy web interface. Mobile Commons lets you use our web platform to message and engage millions (or billions) of mobile phone users. Every one of your “users” has a unique profile, and you can keep track of every single way you’ve engaged with them in the past.

Mobile Commons lets you send broadcasts (text blasts) to all your “users” – or just to those users in certain networks. Message just your users in New York, or personalize your messaging around areas of interest – like people who play paddle tennis, or like ice cream.

Moble Commons lets you run a giant text message marketing campaign, with the personalization of communicating with your closest friends. It’s as easy as a status update!

Ask Your Users to Write Back

The real power of text-based communications is not that you can send messages out to your users – it’s that you can ask your users to write back. For news organizations, that can mean getting input and updates from citizen-journalists around the country. But for most other groups, that means learning a lot more about the people you most want to reach. The ASPCA asks its users if they’re “dog people” or “cat people.” finds out what areas of activism its teen audience cares about most. Those groups can message those users around their areas of interest, to better engage them and inspire them to action.

Use Data to Start to Refine Your Messaging

Once you know more about your users, you can start to personalize your messaging. The ASPCA can send dog-related messages just to their dog-lover audience. sends activist opportunities that will most engage its members. Mobile Commons tracks every text, click, or call through our platform. With custom data fields, you can choose the kind of information you want to learn, so there are no limits to what you can find out about your users.

That’s Just the Beginning!

A Mobile Commons campaign can build personalized relationships through text messages; it can launch websites on the mobile web; and it can generate millions of targeted phone calls. We can create an on-the-go information resource and we can help you engage event attendees with text to screen. To find out how mobile can help you, and to start to create your own mobile campaign, contact us at