Send SMS Based on Location

It’s easy to create groups of people based on where they live and send very targeted text messaging. You can easily filter based on city, state, and postal code, or even message everyone within a certain distance from a given location, such as everyone within 50 miles of New York City. Geographic targeting is great for advertising retail products, concerts, and live events or sending mobile coupons for a particular region.


Automatic Address Detection

Mobile Commons will detect as much location information as we can from a mobile number and update your mobile list accordingly. Using a number of data sources, we are able to automatically detect the city and state of every mobile number in your mobile list.




Geo Information From Many Sources

There are many ways to add more specific Geo information to your mobile list. If a user opts in from the web, you can have them fill out their address too. Or, you can send them a text message asking them to reply with their zip code. We’ll capture the response and update their address. And, you can always bulk upload addresses from a spreadsheet or set up an integration with your CRM system.