Track Every Action

We keep track of every text message and can deliver reports on both usage specifics and usage patterns. We track typical behaviors, how often users take actions, what actions they take, and almost anything else you can imagine.


Interactive Graphs for Insight

A picture can be worth 1,000 words. Whether you are analyzing your entire mobile program or just a single campaign, Mobile Commons’s interactive graphs make it easy to see how your campaign has been performing over time and to spot trends in consumer behavior.


Target Your Messaging

Use your data to refine your messaging. Reach out to your users based on their location, their gender, their age, their interests, actions they have taken in the past, or any other criteria. By reaching out to just the most relevant users, you can build relationships and achieve high response rates.



Export Everything

Every bit of data can be exported from Mobile Commons in standard formats. Pulling raw data into Excel is as easy as clicking the “Save as CSV” button available on every report our application. You can even create an RSS feed of all your incoming text messages to integrate into other web applications or widgets. And, our robust APIs can be used to export data directly into your in-house marketing and technology tools like email marketing platforms, CRM tools and ad reporting systems.

It’s Your Data

Our customers trust us with their sensitive mobile data because we understand that data is the life of any organization and needs to be safeguarded. Our data policy is very clear: you own your data, we don’t.