Mobile Commons adheres to the most rigorous security and compliance practices. Some of the largest and most reputable brands and organizations in the world trust us with their data, including large healthcare and governmental organizations. Additionally, the mobile carriers have very strict rules to keep mobile spam-free and we’ve built those rules right into our application.

Automatic & Manual Opt-Out

Users opting out is part of any list-building campaign and keeping a clean, reputable, and spam-free list is critical to the success of your program. The mobile carriers have very strict rules regarding opt-outs. If a user texts STOP, QUIT or END, they are automatically removed from your campaign and you can’t message them until they opt back in. Mobile Commons goes even further to keep your list clean – our algorithms can detect common phrases such as “please remove me from this list” and will act accordingly.

Data Security

Mobile Commons keeps our servers and software up to date with security industry best practices. Access to our servers is kept under a strict access control list and all interactions use 128 bit SSL. We keep detailed audit logs of every action that modifies your customer records. Our databases are replicated across multiple redundant servers and also shipped off-site to our secure backup facility.

Enhanced Security Access

Mobile Commons has numerous health care customers that demand the highest levels of security. We developed an option for them – and for you – to address this specific need. Enhanced Security Access provides an additional level of security, including:

  • Strong Password Reinforcement
  • Password Expiration and Re-use
  • Automatic Logoff
  • Restricted Access for Customer Service

Read more about our Enhanced Security Access (pdf)

Secure Data Center

Because some of the largest organizations in the country trust us with their sensitive data, security and customer confidentiality are a top priority for our engineering team. Our physical servers are behind a keycard access gate surrounded by a 10-foot-high razor-wire fence with biometric handprint scanners and human guards. Access to servers and customer data is on a tight access control list. More information about our security practices is available upon request.

Compliant with MMA Best Practices

Keeping all our customers’ mobile campaigns in compliance with the mobile carriers is extremely important to us. Mobile Commons adheres to and often exceeds the Mobile Marketing Associations Consumer Best Practices, incorporating the guidelines directly into our product design.

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