Send alerts about upcoming shows and live events

Send alerts and updates about programming, live events, or fundraising.  Text messages act as a great reminder and get viewers to take action.

  • Keep your audience as informed as possible by sending them updates and breaking news as events occur. Tune-in information or web links can drive to other media.
  • Minnesota Public Radio sends its users text message alerts about the news that matters to them. Users can sign up to receive weather alerts, headline alerts, or the guests on that week’s
  • SMS reminders increased the likelihood of a recipient donating online by 77%.

Create a mobile map and give your audience a voice

  • Ask your audience to text in reports or pictures from their neighborhood. Then show the results on a map, display them on a ticker, or play voice messages on-air.
  • During New York’s winter blizzard, WNYC fact-checked Mayor Bloomberg’s claim that the city had the snowstorm under control – asking users to text in the snow conditions on their streets and creating a map of the
  • As part of its Bird Week, the New York Times asked readers to text in their favorite spots to go bird-watching and what birds they saw there. They then created a map of the best birding spots in New York.

Send breaking news or local tips

  • KCRW sends its users a “restaurant of the week” that they recommend.
  • Martha Stewart Dinner Tonight sends their mobile list a daily recipe idea. Users who want to cook that recipe can respond and receive an ingredient list.

Create polls, surveys, and quizzes

  • Text messaging is a fantastic way to collect data via polls, surveys, and quizzes.
  • Get instant feedback from your audience on the issues that matter to them.