Encourage healthy choices with our targeted mobile solutions. We’ve helped dozens of world‐renowned health institutions, from the California Department of Public Health to Planned Parenthood. We offer an unparalleled level of flexibility and customization that lets clients determine all of the content and scheduling of their messages. Just a few possible healthcare ideas include:

Smoking Cessation: Stop smoking through daily motivational messages

Featured Use: The New York City Department of Health used Mobile Commons to create a city-wide anti-smoking campaign. Messages of encouragement alternated with tips: “Meet, greet, and defeat your triggers, don’t hide from them.” Heavy smokers who received the messages were more than twice as likely to quit than those who did not (53% vs. 25%).


  • Segmented messaging, allowing separate programs for participants under 18 years of age and separate English- and Spanish-language programs
  • Unique schedule for each participant

Clinic Finder: Create a resource to find the nearest pharmacy or flu shot

Featured Use: The California Department of Public Health responded to the H1N1 crisis by creating a state-wide resource of vaccination clinics. Thousands of people texted in to find the closest vaccination near them. Of those, 33% went to the recommended clinic, and an additional 40% planned to get vaccinated later.


  • People text their address to find the nearest pharmacies, clinics, hospitals, etc.
  • Use the linked survey feature to find out how many people are texting in, what locations they are looking for, and where they are being connected

Real-Time Patient Communication:
Reach teens and other hard-to-reach groups through texts

Featured Use: Planned Parenthood Federation of America lets teens chat live with health counselors over text. By texting in, teens ask sexual health questions that they aren’t comfortable talking about in public.


  • Patients text in their questions anonymously
  • Give your patients a new way to learn valuable health information – and respond to the needs of a new generation

Increased Drug Adherence:
Send reminder messages to ensure patients take their pills on time

Featured Use: Intelecare sends personalized messages to remind patients to take their medicines and refill their prescriptions on time. They also partnered with Chicago’s Howard Brown Hospital to use text messaging to research how frequently patients forgot their medicine.


  • Let patients set up and schedule their own reminders
  • Messaging can be anything from a simple alert (“Remember to take your pill with food!”) to more complicated instructions

Maternal and Child Health:
Send new and pregnant mothers vital health information

Featured Use: Send pregnant and new mothers health information targeted around their due date. Mobile Commons can connect you directly to these elusive groups by reaching them on their phones.


  • Once the child is born, you can continue to send the parents health messages and immunization reminders with content and a schedule designed by you
  • 2‐way communication enables you to track the vital stats of newborns

Appointment Reminder:
Send automatic reminders for upcoming doctor’s appointments

Featured Use: Help people keep their appointments by sending automated reminders. Mobile Commons can send out messages one week, one day or 15 minutes in advance of a scheduled appointment.


  • Include a phone number to connect a patient directly with a doctor’s office
  • Send one reminder or multiple