Cut through the clutter to sell more products or services

Whether you’re selling to existing customers or trying to reach new clients, a text message can spur consumers to action. The Sacramento Kings send out a text blast that prompts fans to call in and get connected with ticket offers. The Kings average a revenue of $10 per person on the list each time a broadcast is sent.

Create new ways for consumers to engage your brand

Start a conversation with your consumers by providing them unique information in a way that’s convenient to them. Martha Stewart Dinner Tonight sends out a daily recipe to its list. When users respond with the word COOK, the ingredient list is texted to them along with an advertiser message.

Offer a coupon

Drive sales by sending coupons straight to your consumers’ phones. Offering a coupon can be as simple as sending out a special promotional code to your mobile subscribers. They can then redeem that code on your e-commerce website or at a point-of-sale.

It’s easy to add a mobile call to action as part of your in-store displays. Customers can text in to get a coupon code immediately. Or take it one step further, and ask for an email address as a confirmation step. That way you simultaneously grow your email list, too.

When Build a Bear launched a mobile coupon, 42% of their audience replied with their email addresses, and 23% of the coupons were redeemed.

Build your list through unique opportunities and events

By engaging your consumer base around unique offers, you can build a list of engaged fans who will be an active audience in the future. Announcers at UWC Mixed Martial Arts events asked fans to text in and provide an email for a chance to win ringside seats. All those who texted were entered into the UWC database—then messaged about the next event.

Do A-B testing

Because you can use different keywords, it’s easy to do A-B testing on your different media. For example, in your print material you can say “Text COUPON” and in your television commercial say “Text DISCOUNT”. By measuring the differences in the responses, you can easily tell which ad spend is a better value.