Whether it’s forgetting their medication or not showing up to their doctor’s appointments, people often neglect to do what they’re supposed to – even if they know it’s good for them. Now there’s a solution.
Mobile Commons can send adherence reminders and appointment information, targeted to people’s schedules. Study after study shows that text messages have a measurable impact on people keeping to their prescribed regimens. By sending targeted information directly to their cell phones, a Mobile Commons campaign provides a non-invasive reminder that can have dramatic results.

How our clients are sending reminders

  • NewYorkPresbyterian_logo

    New York Presbyterian sends appointment and medication reminders for an array of medical issues, from birth control to HIV.

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  • howard-brown-health-center-220x51

    Howard Brown Health Center found that reminders “significantly improved” people’s adherence to their HIV medication.

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  • centene_logo

    Centene texts out prenatal and postnatal health reminders to expecting and new mothers, targeted around their due date.

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  • acuvue logo

    Acuvue sends out reminders to people to refill their contact lens prescriptions, personalized to their refill dates.

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