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    How to Insure a Country, 160 Characters at a Time


    This is part one of a three part series introducing the Mobile Commons Enroll text message content library, and highlighting some of the conceptual and technical challenges we faced during its development. Meeting these challenges required building scientific and practical insights into the library’s design — both for the individual messages and the set as…

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    Advocacy Callers Can Press a Number to Connect to their House Representatives


    Mobile Commons Advocacy now lets your callers connect directly with the right House Representative by pushing a number on their keypad. It’s easy to ask for a supporter’s zip code. She can text it in over SMS or by keying in the numbers when she’s placing her advocacy call. But a zip code is only…

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    Rep. Zoe Lofgren Praises Anti-SOPA Campaign: “Thousands and thousands of people called in. The bill was inevitable until it became unthinkable.”


    United States Representative Zoe Lofgren (D-CA) had some high praise for the effect of advocacy phone calls on defeating the SOPA legislation. “Thousands and thousands of people called in. The bill was inevitable until it became unthinkable in one morning,” she said, on a Netroots Nation panel. Representative Lofgren was referring to the outpouring of…

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    Charities Use SMS to Raise Funds and Help Tornado Victims Rebuild


    After tornados tore through Oklahoma and Texas, the tens of thousands of survivors have struggled to rebuild. In response, charities such as World Vision and Save the Children turned to SMS to raise the vital funds to help these communities. According to an article in the Mobile Commerce Daily, Nonprofits traditionally rely on mobile to…

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    “Hey guys, Barack here.” The President Texts About Student Debt


    Today, announced that their audience of young people could text President Obama their questions about student debt…and the president would text back! Well, the president has answered his first question. Dan from Ann Arbor asked what the administration has done and plans to do to lower student debt and tuition. Check out President Obama’s…

  • do_something_logo Lets You Text with the President!

    | is making history. For the first time ever, President Obama is texting with a young person. You can text the president your question about student debt … and he might just text back! Here’s how it works: 1)   You text PREZ to 38383. 2)   Submit a question about student debt that you want the…

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    Sisters Get in on the Act and Use Mobile Commons Advocacy for Immigration Reform


    The comprehensive immigration reform movement has gained some new advocates, and they’re taking the issues to the streets and to the phones. Social justice organization Nuns on a Bus kicked off a nationwide tour last month to raise awareness about the issue, and are using Mobile Common Advocacy to drive supporters to contact their lawmakers.…

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    CWA Uses Text Messages to Rally Their Members with Real-Time Updates


    Communications Workers of America, the largest telecommunications union in the country, is using text messaging to communicate with their members and assemble them at a moment’s notice. In just one recent example, CWA sent members a text message call to action after the lockout and firing of workers who had been attempting to negotiate with…

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    About Mobile Commons Advocacy


    Mobile Commons Advocacy offers a powerful, effective way for organizations to petition Congress for legislative change. By connecting your supporters directly with their Congressional representatives, you can turn popular support into legislative results. This video will give you a brief overview of how Mobile Commons Advocacy works. For more questions, email us at  

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    Join Us at the Personal Democracy Forum, Where We’re Presenting Mobile Commons Advocacy


    Next Thursday, June 6, Mobile Commons will be presenting Mobile Commons Advocacy at the Personal Democracy Forum here in New York City. PDF explores the ever-widening intersection between technology and politics, and brings together some of the biggest thinkers in each of those spheres to pow-wow about the future of our society. Representatives from Upworthy, Mozilla,…

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