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  • California Poison Control System app

    California Poison Control Goes Mobile


    Last week, California Poison Control launched a new iPhone app called “Choose Your Poison.” The app lets kids play an informative game that suggests how similar candy can look to medication – and then lets them automatically connect with a poison control hotline. The iPhone app marks an extension of our own long-standing mobile campaign…

  • Welcome Back Your Accidental Opt-Outs


    Text messaging is a no-spam medium. If you opt out from a mobile list by texting STOP, you are not allowed to be texted again. In fact, the carriers have a list of special words that we have to watch for, such as STOP, QUIT, CANCEL, and REMOVE. What the carrier rules don’t take into…

  • June 3rd in NYC: Mobile-ize, Organize & Unionize!


    For the past month, we’ve been working on an exciting event that we’re finally ready to announce! On June 3rd, in New York, Mobile Commons will be partnering with Organizing 2.0, Democracy in Action and the Metro New York Labor Communications Council for a full day training on using of mobile for organizing, with a…

  • ri4a logo

    Listen to Your Data: Lessons from a Multilingual Text Message Campaign


    Mobile marketing is still unexplored territory. It’s only in the last few years that cell phones have become widely-adopted enough to create a truly pervasive mobile campaign. Because mobile messaging is so new, there aren’t many rigorous best practices or established guidelines. That can be incredibly exciting, as each new project we work on further…

  • Tell the New York Times and WNYC The Best Spots for Birding


    In celebration of Bird Week, the New York Times and WNYC are creating an “interactive map of bird-watching spots throughout the five boroughs.” They’re asking readers and listeners to text in their favorite haunts for birding, and what types of birds they’ve most recently seen. (We sent in some pigeon sightings from outside our Washington…

  • SMS Helps With Flu Vaccine Reminders – And A Lot More


    SMS can be a great way to remind parents to get their children vaccinated, according to a new study. Dr. Melissa Stockwell, an assistant professor at Columbia University, used text messaging to remind minority, low-income families about flu vaccinations. Her results show that text messages can help keep families healthy. According to an article at…

  • Schedule Your Messages Ahead of Time


    Mobile marketing works best when it’s part of a broader outreach campaign. Your mobile messaging should sync up with your email, print, outdoor, TV ads, radio spots, carrier pigeon letters, smoke signals and everything else to create a cohesive whole that’s more effective than any one outlet could ever hope to be. To make it…

  • Check Out Our Non-Profit Collateral


    Mobile Commons has worked with hundreds of non-profit organizations, ranging from Teach for America to AARP to the Humane Society of the United States. We’ve become experts at helping non-profits build their lists and engage their constituents. Many organizations, however, aren’t exactly sure what it means to create a mobile marketing campaign. For any non-profit…

  • Earth Day Goes Mobile!


    Happy Earth Day! Today we celebrate the 41st Earth Day in the United States. Here’s how some of our clients are celebrating the day – and doing great things for the environment year-round too. The Alliance for Climate Education consistently reaches out to high school students to educate them on environmental issues. Their “Do One…

  • Talent Takes the F Train


    Come visit us at our new offices! This week’s AdWeek has an article that documents the rise of creative digital agencies in Brooklyn, specifically in the DUMBO and Williamsburg neighborhoods. The article, entitled Talent Takes the F Train, contains what AdWeek calls a map of the “unfolding creative revolution.” Apparently, there is “a reconfiguration of…

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