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  • carnegie t-rex

    Four museums. One adventure. All from your mobile phone!


    This summer, Pittsburgh’s Carnegie Museums are stepping up their outreach with a brand-new Facebook page for their members. And to celebrate, they’ve created a mobile scavenger hunt that allows even the most frequent museum-goers to discover new things about the museums: Members, charge your cell phones! In celebration of the remaining days of summer—and to…

  • Smokers’ Quit Rates Double with Text Message Support


    A recent study about the effects of motivational text messages on smokers shows that mobile technology can do a lot more than send a message – it can change behaviors, too. According to the study, smokers who received cheerleading texts such as “Quick result! Carbon monoxide has now left your body!” were twice as likely…

  • Experian Report: Mobile is the Best Way to Reach Consumers


    If you want consumers to respond to your messages, you’ve got to go mobile. According to a recent report by Experian Marketing Services, mobile is the most effective means of initiating dialogue with consumers: “Consumers are becoming more amenable to mobile marketing and advertising,” said Bill Tancer, San Francisco-based general manager of global research for…

  • celebrate-brooklyn-myspace

    New York Music Fans – Text “Celebrate” to 30644 for Celebrate Brooklyn Concert Reminders


    What’s better than a free outdoor concert series? A free outdoor concert series that never lets you miss a show! Every summer, the Celebrate Brooklyn festival brings dozens of outstanding artists to perform free concerts in Prospect Park.  This year’s lineup includes Los Lobos, Andrew Bird, the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, and many more.…

  • Mobile Commons Makes Sure Your Calls Get Through


    While addressing the nation last night, President Barack Obama asked citizens to call their legislators and ask for an end to the debt ceiling debate. When the President asks, people listen. I can vouch for today’s reports that the Congressional Switchboard phone line is jammed to capacity – the first three times I called I…

  • ira-glass

    This American Life Asks Listeners to Text To Donate


    For the past two years, our customer This American Life, the weekly radio show produced by Chicago Public Media, has asked its podcast listeners to text in their donations to support the program. A few times per year, host Ira Glass comes on the air and says, for example: I’m asking you to pitch in.…

  • Polls and Surveys and Quizzes! Oh My!


    Text messaging is a fantastic way to collect data via polls, surveys, and quizzes. You can get instant feedback from your audience, whether you’re running a conference, a radio station promoting an interactive quiz, a labor union asking your members for their opinions, or marketing in-venue contests at a sports stadium. For years, organizations have used Mobile Commons…

  • Teens Don’t Use Email Anymore – So Text Them!


    More and more reports are showing the same thing: young people just don’t use email anymore. The latest news comes from comScore. Their recent report on 2010 digital trends shows that total web email usage is down 8% in the past year — and down 59% among people between the ages of 12 and 17.…

  • CREDO Mobile Creates Political Satire with mCast


    CREDO Mobile – the phone company that doubles as progressive political activists - has been one of our most consistently innovative customers. In 2007, they wanted to make a public statement and involve San Franciscans in large-scale political satire. So they turned to Mobile Commons, and our mCast (Text to Screen) feature. CREDO projected a cartoon of…

  • client-aarp

    123,000 people say NO to Social Security cuts


    With the recent threat of cuts to benefits like Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid looming, groups like AARP have been spurred to action. As I wrote last week, AARP was able to quickly drive in over 10,000 calls within the first few days by asking supporters on their mobile list to make a phone call.…

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