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    5 Tips to Launch Your Mobile Campaign


    Michael Sabat is the VP of Account Management and Business Development here at Mobile Commons. In this post, he discusses 5 practical steps that non-profits can use to launch their own mobile campaigns. This post was originally published on Connection Cafe, a blog written by Convio employees about the ways in which nonprofits, everyday citizens and…

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    Non-profits: Get Major Discounts on a Dedicated Short Code – Right Now!


    It just got a lot less expensive for non-profits to get their own dedicated short codes – the 5 or 6 digit phone numbers that are the hub of your mobile campaign. The CTIA – the wireless group that oversees carrier policies – has just announced that they’re cutting their rates to $200 a month…

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    San Francisco Public Radio Maps Listeners’ Earthquake Readiness


    It’s been many years since an earthquake of devastating proportions hit the Bay Area, but that doesn’t stop people thinking about what to do if (when?) another one strikes. Public radio station KALW is using Mobile Commons technology to find out more about how prepared its listeners are. They’re asking listeners to text in what’s…

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    Where to Vote, Via Text Message


    You now officially have no excuse for not voting on Tuesday. Mobile Commons has created the Mobile Polling Place Locator, an SMS service that tells you where your polling station is. Just text “where” to 30644. (You can also text “donde” to get your answer in Spanish.) The system, which is free, will reply, asking…

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    UNICEF honors George Harrison with a Month of Giving


    Forty years ago, George Harrison responded to a desperate situation in Bangladesh with a charitable concert featuring Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, Ravi Shankar, and more. It was the first concert of its kind, and set the stage for Live Aid, We Are the World, Comic Relief, and many other benefits that have changed lives around…

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    Track Your Advocacy Phone Calls – Straight From Convio


    As the old cliché goes, “You can’t know where you’re going until you know where you’ve been.” That’s especially true for non-profit groups and advocacy campaigns. Being able to know what your members have done in the past can be invaluable when you’re trying to engage them in the future.  Non-profit groups live and die…

  • Snow Map

    WNYC Wins Online Journalism Award for Crowdsourced Snow Map Using Mobile Commons Platform


    We’re thrilled that WNYC Radio picked up a prestigious prize for breaking news at this year’s Online Journalism Awards last night. WNYC collaborated with Mobile Commons to report on the massive snowstorm that hit New York City late last year. When the government was saying the snow cleanup was going fine, WNYC listeners told the…

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    Mobile Commons Launches Integration with Twilio Connect


    New Mobile Commons Features Will Pull User Data Directly from Twilio Apps. This Functionality Will Let Organizations Run All Their Mobile Communications from One Web Dashboard NEW YORK, September 21, 2011: Mobile Commons today announced a new integration with cloud telephony platform Twilio. The integration will give marketers the power to pull user data straight…

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    San Francisco Chronicle Features SFPark


    Parking.  It’s one of those little hassles that make city life so… exciting.  But the San Francisco MTA has teamed up with Mobile Commons to make finding a parking space as easy as owning a cell phone. It’s called SFPark. Using our mData information functionality, SFPark can quickly and easily find free spaces near you. …

  • do_something_logo Delivers Our Thanks to Emergency Service Workers


    On the 10th anniversary of the September 11th attacks,we remember with gratitude the emergency workers who risked their lives that day – and who continue to risk their lives to keep us safe. To honor them, has partnered with Mobile Commons to create Decade of Thanks, an online interactive collection of thankful messages. Users can…

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