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    Gizmodo: “It Just Got Incredibly Easy to Tell Congress that SOPA Sucks”


    Over the past week, the Internet has been erupting with anti-SOPA advocacy. A number of organizations, including Tumblr, Google, Stack Overflow, Mozilla, and Creative Commons are working to get their users to petition Congress to vote against the bill. They’re using our click-to-call advocacy tool, which connects people directly to their Congressional representative Gizmodo just…

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    Jed Alpert on Reaching Underserved Communities


    As part of their Digital Revolution and Democracy series, the Knight Foundation is posting videos that examine “the fast-moving trends transforming our lives.” Foundation vice president Dennis Scholl sat down with 17 people “who believe passionately in self-government — but have different visions of how it will evolve.” Click below to watch our CEO, Jed Alpert, on…

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    Text TEACHING to 30644 for Information about a New Scholarship


    If you’re Latino and have a background in Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics (STEM), it’s now $30,000 easier to get a Master’s degree in Education – thanks to a new scholarship from the Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation. Hola! Arkansas reports, “It is estimated that by 2015, about 280,000 teachers in these fields will be…

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    Alabama Coalition for Immigrant Justice Uses Texts to Fights for Rights


    The Alabama Coalition for Immigrant Justice is embroiled in a battle against Alabama’s HB 56 law – which a recent article from Worker’s World called “the harshest of the various state anti-immigrant laws.”  The article goes on to explain, Among its 30 provisions, the bill makes it a crime to give a ride or provide shelter…

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    5 Tips to Remember for your Ladder of Engagement


    Gloria Fong is one of Mobile Commons’ Account Managers, dedicated to helping our customers get the most out of mobile. On November 1st, she participated in a panel discussion at Salsa’s Community Conference. Here are some of the results of that panel. Earlier this month, at Salsa’s Community Conference in Washington, DC, I was fortunate…

  • Jim

    Jim Colgan talks to about Crowdsourced Maps and More


    Hear our own Jim Colgan interviewed on’s weekly media podcast, which they recorded while Jim was in London to speak to a crowd of like-minded digital pioneers at the Mozilla open web festival. Correspondent Sarah Marshall chats with Jim about two of Mobile Commons’ success stories: the recent earthquake preparedness map we created with…

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    Join Tumblr Now to Protect the Net


    Today, Congress is holding hearings on two bills that could establish the first institutionalized censorship of the Internet. The Protect-IP Act and the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) are meant to fight foreign websites dedicated to copyright infringement or counterfeiting.  But in practice, they give corporations broad powers to shut down web content sites that…

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    Huffington Post Calls Mobile Donations “The Holy Grail” of Politics


    As the 2012 election campaign heats up, candidates and political strategists are being confronted by a timeless question – where will the money come from? According to one recent article in the Huffington Post, more and more campaigns are answering that question with “mobile.” The article writes, Developing easy ways for people to donate to…

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    O’Reilly Radar features Mobile Commons’ Partnership with WNYC


    “New York has become the epicenter for many experiments in governance,” writes Alex Howard in the O’Reilly Radar. “From citizensourcing smarter government to participatory budgeting to embracing a broader future as a data platform.” The O’Reilly article discusses the way in which New York is opening up its wealth of data to outside developers – and…

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    Capital Area Foreclosure Network Launches Mortgage Counseling by Text


    With the mortgage crisis continuing to affect thousands of families across America, banks and nonprofits alike are looking for effective ways to help people stay out of foreclosure. Plenty of foreclosure counseling services are available – but are they reaching the right people, and are they reaching them on time? A new service from the…

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