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  • stop_sopa_450

    Mobile Commons Anti-SOPA/PIPA Successes – Press Release


    Mobile Commons Empowers Citizens To Fight Anti-Piracy Bills With More Than 200,000 Calls To Congress In 24 Hours Tumblr, Reddit, Engine Advocacy, and NY Tech Meetup utilized Mobile Commons’ click-to-call technology to gain immediate access to elected officials in fastest campaign to date New York, NY (PRWEB) January 24, 2012 Hundreds of thousands of websites participated in a…

  • credo-mobile-170x170

    CREDO Mobile Lets You Text to Find Your Balance


    It can be hard to remember exactly how much your phone is costing you – until the fateful day when the bill arrives. Fortunately, CREDO Mobile is making it easy to stay on top of your tele-finances.  Text “USAGE” or “BALANCE” to 25946 for up-to-date account information. It’s a free service! Check out our screenshot…

  • Pew-Research-Center-Logo

    New Study Highlights the Popularity of Text-to-Donate


    A recent survey by the Pew Research center shows that almost one in 10 Americans have made a donation via text. Furthermore, taking the “Text to Haiti” campaign as a test case, the study found that 73% of those who donated did so within 24 hours of hearing about the campaign. And 43% of donors…

  • crains_new_york

    Crain’s New York Features MTA’s Bus Time


    An article in Crain’s New York covers the debut of the MTA’s Bus Time system on Staten Island. The Bus Time program, which lets people find out by text message exactly when their buses are running, will expand to all five boroughs by 2013.  That means a lot less waiting in the cold, a lot…

  • Protesters at the New York Tech Meetup rally against SOPA and PIPA

    New York Tech Community Voices Protest Against SOPA – on the Street and on the Phone


    This afternoon, our friends at The New York Tech Meetup took the protest against wide-ranging anti-piracy bills to the streets of Manhattan. Hundreds of the city’s tech community turned out for a demonstration in Midtown, outside the offices of Senators Charles Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand. The rally was to voice opposition to the Stop Online…

  • mta-logo1

    Mayor Bloomberg on Bus Time and Mobile Commons


    To celebrate today’s launch of the MTA’s Bus Time service, Mayor Michael Bloomberg issued the following statement. In it, the mayor discusses the philosophy behind Bus Time, and how the service will provide greater convenience to New Yorkers across the city. He also gives a very kind shout-out to Mobile Commons! STATEMENT OF MAYOR MICHAEL…

  • mta-logo1

    Text to Find Your Bus with MTA’s Bus Time


    Today the MTA debuts their new Bus Time system on Staten Island. Commuters can text to find where the closest bus is – decreasing their wait times at bus stops and streamlining their commutes.  The Staten Island rollout is just the first in what the MTA is planning as a citywide reinvention of transit. Here’s…

  • mobile_marketer_logo17

    Our GM Amanda Moskowitz on Mobile in Politics


    As the 2012 election heats up, candidates are more and more reliant on mobile engagement, says a new article in Mobile Marketer. And while increasing smartphone penetration allows for a lot of play with apps, the article reminds that “SMS reigns as the channel with the broadest reach, which is especially important for political candidates…

  • Swarovski Helix

    Swarovski’s Let It Sparkle Campaign Lets you Text your Message Onto Rodeo Drive


    This holiday season, the luxury crystal-makers Swarovski turned Rodeo Drive into an interactive display. Their installation, which ran down the Rodeo Drive median strip, scrolled holiday messages sent via text and Twitter on five shimmering helices of Swarovski crystals and moving type. Anyone could join in by texting “sparkle” to 877877 or tweeting with the…

  • do_something_logo Asks Teens to MMS for the Arts


    As schools face more and more budget cuts, arts education is often the first thing on the chopping block. But passionate arts students are doing something about it through the Make Art. Save Art. campaign at This innovative campaign invited students to text in their images via MMS. then posted the images online…

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