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    Mobile Commons Will Help Millions of Americans Find Out Where to Vote on Election Day


    Did you know that millions of people don’t vote each year simply because they do not know where to go? In 2008, 1.9 million voters did not show to up polls simply because they didn’t know where to go.[1] Studies further estimate that, this November, at least half a million votes will be lost due…

  • WNYC logo

    WNYC’s New Tech City Features Bus Time


    Last week, WNYC’s radio show New Tech City focused on how New York is integrating new technologies into our city’s transit systems. We were delighted that they featured the MTA’s Bus Time. Host Manoush Zomorodi asked Transportation Nation’s Alex Goldmark, “What about people like my mom, who don’t have a smart phone?” Goldmark responds, “Does…

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    Learn More About Your Users with a Text Message Survey


    “When people talk, listen completely. Most people never listen,” Ernest Hemingway said. That can be as true in mobile messaging campaigns as it is in interpersonal relationships. Sometimes it can be incredibly valuable to step back and listen to your subscribers, to find out what they really think about your mobile outreach. A Mobile Commons…

  • sms vote

    6 Simple Ways to “Text Out The Vote”


    With a close election in less than two months, it’s a crucial time to mobilize your base. We wanted to share 6 simple ways a mobile campaign can help drive your constituents to the polls. We’ll also be conducting a Get Out The Vote webinar next Thursday, 9/27, from 3-4pm EDT. Click here to register now. 1)   Direct people to the right…

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    How Community Foundations Can Use Text Messages to Engage Citizens – and Conference Goers


    In a recent conference session about digital strategy, the Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo proved that the best way to engage citizens in their communities is also the best way to engage event attendees in a room. They created a miniature mobile campaign that polled conference goers about their organizational priorities. At the same time,…

  • Simon & Schuster’s Lucky Winner Rocks Her New Guitar


    Earlier this summer at Comic-Con, Simon & Schuster launched a mobile campaign to connect young adult authors with their fans. As part of the launch, S&S raffled off a bunch of exclusive prizes – including a guitar themed around The Blessed, the new novel from Tonya Hurley. We just had to post this follow-up picture…

  • nyc doe

    New York Schools Debut a Text Messaging Service To Keep Parents Connected


    Last week, as New York City’s public schools came back into session, the Department of Education debuted a new text message service to keep parents informed. Parents can sign up to get information about the school calendar, school lunch menus, and how to enroll their children in school programs – texted right to their phones.…

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    Send Pictures Over MMS Just Like Sending Text Messages


    If a picture is worth a thousand words – how much more valuable is that in the world of mobile messaging, when every character counts? With a mobile campaign, you can do a lot more than just send text messages. You can also send picture messages to your subscribers’ phones. And you can ask your subscribers…

  • Mobile Marketing Book

    Jed Alpert on Tech Talk with Craig Peterson


    On Sunday, our CEO Jed Alpert appeared on the radio show Tech Talk with Craig Peterson to discuss how mobile is transforming marketing both for businesses and consumers. The conversation was centered around Jed’s book, The Mobile Marketing Revolution, in which he explores some of the sweeping changes that mobile has facilitated in the ways…

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    UWUA Organizes Utility Workers with a Text Message Campaign


    The recent Con Ed union lockout was massive in scale, involving over 8,500 workers from Local 1-2 of the Utility Workers Union of America. As the company and the union struggled to come to terms on a new contract, Local 1-2 faced the challenge of keeping all those workers informed and engaged – and they…

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