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    Text Messaging Helping NJ Voters Get to Polls in Aftermath of Storm: Text WHERE to 877-877


    Text Messaging Helping NJ Voters Get to Polls In Aftermath of Storm Text WHERE To 877-877; Mobile Commons Provides Polling Place Locator to State of New Jersey Voters in storm-ravaged New Jersey will be helped to polling places – some of which have been moved due to the storm – by a text message polling place…

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    Justin Long and Want To Help You Find Your V-Spot


    Having trouble finding your V-Spot? You’re not alone. In 2008, 1.9 million people couldn’t find their V-Spots – that is, their voting spots, according to a new ad from The comedically twisted ad does a great job of drawing attention to a real problem. If people don’t know where to vote, then they’re effectively…

  • do_something_logo Uses Text and Picture Messaging to Connect Teens in the Wake of Sandy


    During the peak of Hurricane Sandy, created a mobile campaign to keep their constituents connected. They used text and picture messaging to build a network of prayer and emotional support between the nation’s teenagers and the people who rode out the one of this year’s most destructive weather events. In the midst of Monday’s…

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    By the Numbers: 10% of Presidential Campaign Donors Gave with their Mobile Phones


    A new study from Pew shows that cell phone donations are quickly becoming a significant factor in the presidential campaigns. The study found that 10% of all campaign donations to a presidential candidate have used text messaging or a cell phone app. Here’s a breakdown of the numbers: 13% of adults donated to one of…

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    GigaOm Features Mobile Commons: “The Beauty of SMS Engagement”


    Sunday, GigaOm posted a long analysis of “the business of mobile democracy.” The article explores how mobile engagement is revolutionizing political campaigns. Mobile provides new ways to reach supporters, raise money, organize your ground operations, and streamline data collection. As the article writes, This year political and nonprofit organizations are increasingly turning to mobile democracy…

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    Reminders to Help Your Subscribers Keep Safe & Dry


    We hope you’re staying dry, safe and out of Sandy’s way. Despite the impending storm, Mobile Commons is hard at work to make sure all our clients have the proper tools to reach their mobile subscribers on the East Coast. In times of natural disasters or emergencies, SMS is a very effective way to reach…

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    Text, Don’t Call, for Hurricane Safety


    As Hurricane Sandy descends on the eastern seaboard, everyone is scrambling to stay safe.  People are evacuating low-lying areas, securing loose equipment, taping up their windows. The wireless carriers have another tip. Use text messages rather than phone calls to communicate with your loved ones. According to an article on, text messages are easier…

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    MTA BusTime is Coming to the Bronx!


    Good news for commuters living in the Bronx. The MTA’s Bus Time program is rolling out in New York’s northernmost borough this month. That means Bronx bus riders will now be able to text in to find their nearest bus and take control of their commutes. According to an article in the New York Daily…

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    Amanda Moskowitz Testimony on The Power of BusTime to Revolutionize Transit


    Our General Manager Amanda Moskowitz delivered testimony this morning to the New York City Council. She spoke about the power of the MTA’s BusTime system to revolutionize transit by connecting commuters with reliable bus information. She also suggested the ways in which text messaging can connect all government agencies with their citizens. Read her full…

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    HRC Creates a Text Message Quiz Timed to the Presidential Debates


    The Human Rights Campaign, an advocacy group which has worked for over three decades to advance LGBT civil rights, celebrated the first presidential debate of the 2012 election season with a text message trivia game. The game covered topics from marriage equality to openly gay politicians. It was an amazing way to use mobile services…

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