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Mobile messaging can be a powerful way to raise money quickly. It’s simple to make a direct appeal to your entire mobile list, and easy for your supporters to give. But when most people think about mobile giving, they think of text-to-give.

Text-to-Give can be incredibly effective, when the conditions are right. (Read our FAQ about making your text-to give campaign even more effective using “the 5th Text of Mobile Giving.”) But did you know there are a host of other ways to use mobile to raise money?

The Jewish Federations of North America recently launched a fundraising campaign using “text-to-pledge” – and raised thousands of dollars in response. Text-to-Pledge asks patrons to text in their desired pledge amount; your fundraisers then follow up later. While text-to-pledge does not have the guarantee of text-to-give, and does require follow-up from your staff, it also does not limit the amount you can ask for from your donors.

If you’re considering a mobile giving campaign, contact your mobile strategist, to discuss which of the many mobile giving options is right for your organization.