SMS Helps Anglers Eat Just the Healthiest Fish And Throw Back the Rest


Fishermen are always going on about the size of their catches, but a new SMS program helps Buffalo-area freshwater anglers make sure that their catches—big and small—are safe to feed their families. The Catch of the Day (COD) mobile campaign, sponsored by the BUFFALO NIAGARA RIVERKEEPER organization of Western New York, the Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo, and Grow 716, “aims to strengthen relationships [with] diverse fishing communities and raise awareness about healthy ways to eat fish in the Buffalo Niagara region.”

Anglers can text the location of their latest catch and learn about the kind of fish they’ve caught and whether or not it’s healthy to eat, as a history of local pollution has rendered some species unsafe for human consumption. They can learn which western New York waterways have specific advisories because of high levels of contaminants, and which members of their families fall into a “high-risk” category that might limit the number of times per month they should eat river-caught fish. There is also information about how to catch, clean, store, and prepare fish to reduce the risk of illness due to pollution. Don’t forget to upload an image of you and your fish to the online gallery!

To share pictures of your catch or to learn how to cook it in healthy ways, text COD to 877877.

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