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What exactly is mobile marketing – and why should you start a campaign today?

In this webinar, our own Michael Sabat breaks down the stats and insights at the heart of mobile. A Mobile Commons campaign can lead to 99% open rates and a 10x increase in conversion rates. It gives you access to all 300 million Americans with mobile phones – a broader reach than any other digital media. And it can create an in-depth relationship that lets you learn deep insights about your target audience.

The webinar also explains exactly how to set up a mobile campaign. How do you send text messages from a web platform? Michael spells it out.

Ultimately, the purpose of any technology should be to help you achieve your goals – no matter what they are. “An organization wants to set the outcome first and use technology to achieve that goal,” Michael says.

Check out our webinar to see how Mobile Commons can turn the mobile channel into a powerful weapon in your marketing arsenal:

Download the slides now.