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“When you receive a text message, your heart rate goes up until you check it.”

That’s just one insight among many in Michael Sabat’s mobile marketing webinar. As our VP of Business Development, and one of Mobile Commons’ longest-serving employees, Michael has seen the evolution of mobile marketing from a nascent medium into one of the most powerful weapons in any company’s marketing arsenal.

In this webinar, he walks through both the why and the how of mobile: why mobile is such an important medium for any marketing  campaign, and how you can integrate it into your own outreach efforts.

Just a few topics he covers include:

  • The stats behind mobile today
  • How Mobile Commons can integrate into your existing outreach
  • Actual tactics for driving user responses
  • Real-world examples from our clients, and how you can use the lessons-learned in your campaigns

Michael also gives a demo of the Mobile Commons platform itself, so you can get a real sense of practically how a mobile campaign operates.

If you want to get a quick overview of the state of mobile marketing, and learn how your organization can quickly and easily start campaigns of your own, check out this webinar now!