Take Your Message Viral With Mobile Tell-A-Friend


How do you cut through the clutter to reach new members? You have your core base of followers, but you want to take your message to a broader audience. How do you get the word out?

We’ve found that the most effective evangelists are the people who already believe in your work. So we created the Tell-A-Friend feature for the Mobile Commons platform. Now it’s simple to ask your existing users to spread the word for you.

With Tell-A-Friend, you simply ask your members to enter the phone numbers of a few friends they want to reach out to. We then send customized messages to recruit these new users for your list.

Tell-A-Friend is already one of our most successful tools to date. Read below for examples of how our customers have seen incredible results with Tell-A-Friend functionality.

Then sign up for our webinar on Tuesday, October 16, at 1 pm EDT, or check out our handy how-to video. We’ll walk you through the easy steps for creating a Tell-A-Friend campaign.  Get started on spreading your message and see for yourself how it can revolutionize the way you grow your lists.

Campaign Spotlight

DoSomething.org’s Pregnancy Text Campaign Goes Viral in Schools
When DoSomething.org launched their pregnancy-awareness campaign, they asked their audience of teens to spread the word using Tell-A-Friend. For every 1 direct sign-up, they gained 2.3 additional sign-ups.

RI4A Gains Thousands of New Supporters
When Reform Immigration 4 America mobilized their base for a massive call-in campaign, they asked their supporters to also pass the message along to their friends. Thousands of new members joined the RI4A campaign as a result.

Communities United for Police Reform Spreads the Word About a Rally
Communities United for Police Reform used our Tell-A-Friend feature to spread the word about their September rally. The effort increased attendance at their event.


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Sign Up For Our Tell-A-Friend Webinar
We’re hosting a webinar on TUESDAY, OCTOBER 16, at 1 PM EDT, to show you how simple it can be to use the Mobile Commons’ Tell-A-Friend functionality to get new supporters.

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Check Out Our Video
Unable to make the webinar? We’ve also got a new video walk-through for creating a Tell-A-Friend campaign. Watch the video now!

Contact Us
As always, the team at Mobile Commons is here to help you make the most of mobile outreach. If you want some more personalized Tell-A-Friend insights, contact your account manager/mobile strategist. Or email us at support@mobilecommons.com.

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